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IPC-6012D CIT Certification-Recertification Kit - CD Only

SKU: 6012RI-CD-D

NEW! Revision "D" Certification Materials (CD Only)

Are you a certified IPC-6012 Instructor but need the Revision "D" training CD Only?  This item is what you are looking for.

IPC-6012D CIS Cert-Recert CD-ROM containing the following files:

6012D Visuals PowerPoint Format
6012D Instructor Guide (Non-printable)
6012D Instructor Survival Guide
6012D Training Materials list
Instructor Skills Handout
6012D Training Schedule
IPC-A-600 Training Board Artwork
Student Handbook (Questions and Lab sheets)

Complete Kit: All inclusive kit can be found here.

Note: Available only to IPC Certified IPC-6012 Instructors (CIT). Requires Current IPC Certification Number for validation of order.


Non-Stocked Item - Please Allow 1-2 Days to Process
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