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IPC-7711/7721 Rev "A" & "B" Rework and Repair Training Kit (Lead Free)

SKU: SST-7711-K1-LF

The officially recognized soldering certification training kit for IPC-7711/7721 Revision "A" & "B" operator and instructor certification. This kit in lead free format contains a variety of components to allow for the evaluation and testing of students for not only initial certification, but also recertification. Enough materials to do a practice board and a final board, or buy one kit and use it for two people to recertify.

Contains the following materials:
(2) IPC Rework/Repair Board Kit Assembled (lead free)
(2) LQFP44 (10x10x1.4) 30 Mil Pitch
(2) LQFP100 (14x14x1.4) 20 Mil Pitch
(3) 14 Lead Dip
(3) TO5/39 Transistor
(3) TO18 Transistor
(4) SOIC14 (.150x.342) 1.27mm Pitch
(4) PLCC28-T1 .452x.452 body
(6) 0603 Capacitor
(6) 0805 Capacitor
(6) 1206 Resistor
(6) 1206 MELF Diode (Sod 80)
(6) SOT23 Transistor
(6) Capacitor (CK06)
(6) Capacitor Standoff
(6) 1/4 Watt Resistor, Carbon Film
(6) Transistor Standoff


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