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IPC-A-600J CIS Certification/Recertification CD Only

SKU: 600-OP-CD-J

NEW! Revision "J" Certification Materials

Are you a certified IPC-A-600 Instructor looking for only the CD containing the critical components to train your operators?  This CD has what you need.  It includes the following:

1. IPC-A-600J CIS Cert/Recert CD containing the following files:

600J CIS Cert/Recert Visuals (PPT format including Instructor Guide Notes)
Printable Training Schedule
Printable Course Evaluation Form
Printable CIT Survival Guide
Printable Student Lab
Printable Correlation Chart of Specifications

Note: Available only to IPC Certified IPC-A-600 Instructors (CIT). Requires Current IPC Certification Number for validation of order.


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