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IPC-DVD-58C Introduction to Wire Crimping


This DVD program was designed to provide new employees with a visual overview of the wire crimping processes. It explains the terminology and anatomy of crimping, and reviews quality assurance requirements. We begin by exploring wire types, insulation, diameters, gauges, variation, and stripping processes (manual and automatic). Then explain terminal types, including ring and spade, insulated and uninsulated, open and closed barrels, and types of contacts, as well as details on manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic crimping systems - including setup / calibration, bend testing, crimp height measurement, pull testing and production. It reviews acceptance criteria for open and closed barrel crimps, criteria for a preferred crimp, and analysis of typical problems. Produced in cooperation with the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association.

Includes Leader's Guide, Final Exam and Transcript. Certificates of completion are also included for students who pass the Training Certification test.* Contains optional English subtitles for the hearing-impaired and ESL students. Time: 40 minutes.


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