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All-Inclusive Through Hole and Wire/Terminal Soldering Kit

SKU: SST-K1-405-1000

Looking to sharpen your soldering skills with a more realistic soldering production training kit?  Look no further. This through hole soldering kit comes with two practice boards and double, and in some cases triple, the number of components to assemble, so you can solder and hone those skills.  Also included is a complete set of terminals and wires to practice your connecting skills. The components are guaranteed solderable and shipped in static shielded bags. Buy one kit and share in a class, with plenty of components to practice with.

Contains the following materials:
(2) Through Hole Technology Boards
(10) Axial Diodes
(4) Electrolytic Capacitors
(20) CKO6 Capacitors with Stand-offs
(20) 1/4 Watt Resistors
(12) 1/2 Watt Resistors
(6) 16 Pin DIP ICs
(10) TO5 Transistors with Stand-offs
(4) TO18 Transistors with Stand-offs (smaller plastic or metal case packaging)
(4) SOLIC16
(15) Turret Terminals
(15) Gold Cups
(15) Bifurcated Terminals
(15) Hook Terminals
(15) Pierced Terminals
(10) Feet of 20 gauge wire
(10) Feet of 22 gauge wire
(10) Feet of 26 gauge wire


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