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IPC-7711/7721 Rev "C" Rework and RepairTraining Kit (Unassembled- Leaded)

SKU: SST-405-2874

The officially recognized soldering certification training kit for IPC-7711/7721 Revision "C" operator and instructor certification only, this leaded kit comes completely unassembled in case you would like to evaluate their soldering skills in the process. This kit contains a variety of components to allow for the evaluation and testing of students for not only initial certification, but also recertification. Enough materials to do a practice board and a final board, or buy one kit and use it for two people to recertify.

Contains the following materials (lead free):
(1) Completely Unassembled Boards
(6) 1/4 Watt Resistors, Carbon Film
(3) 14 Pin DIP ICs
(6) Capacitors (CK06)
(6) Capacitor Standoffs
(3) TO5/39Transistors
(3) TO18 Transistors
(6) Transistor Standoffs
(6) 0603 Capacitors
(6) 0805 Capacitors
(6) 1206 Resistors
(6) 1206 MELF Diodes (Sod 80)
(4) SOIC 14 .150x.342 1.27mm Pitch
(6) SOT 23 Transistors
(2) QFP44-T30 (10x10mmx1.4) 30 Mil Pitch
(2) LQFP100-T20 (14x14mmx1.4) 20 Mil Pitch
(4) PLCC 28-T1 .452x.452 body


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