Through Hole and Surface Mount Soldering Assessment Kit (Quick Test Wire and Terminal Assembly - Lead Free)

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Looking for a quick and affordable way to evaluate new hires, or for testing existing employees? This is your kit. Ideal for reviewing soldering skills, this lead free kit contains standard components needed to evaluate skill levels in the most common through-hole and surface mount assembly procedures. This is a great tool for new employees, and as it contains standardized parts, it is ideal for training your workers. Review wire and terminal assembly skills as well. The components are guaranteed solderable and shipped in static shielded bags. This is the Lead Free version

Contains the following materials (lead free):
(1) Mixed Technology Printed Circuit Board
(2) Axial Diodes
(3) CK06 Capacitors with standoffs
(2) Tantalum Capacitors
(2) 1/4 Watt Resistors
(1) 16 Pin DIP IC
(1) T05 Transistor with Stand-off
(3) 1206 Capacitors
(1) 16 Pin SOIC
(2) Turret Terminals with 6" 26 AWG Wire (Wire and Terminal Assembly)

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